Building Permits & Inspections

Permits are required for all new developments, buildings, additions, demolitions or alterations to your property or on existing structures. Permits are needed to make sure that houses meet municipal and provincial building land use and safety code standards. Permits are also required for changes in electrical, plumbing or gas.

To apply for any of the following permits please complete and submit the application and applicable fees and documents to Park Enterprises by email or fax. 

Builder Licensing

Beginning December 1, 2017, new requirements are in effect for residential builders in Alberta. All residential builders will be required to have a provincial builder's licence in order to construct new homes.

Municipal Affairs consulted with Albertans earlier in 2017; amendments were made to the New Home Buyer Protection Act to establish licensing requirements for residential builders. Legislation and regulations came into force December 1, 2017.

Builder licensing will apply to anyone constructing new homes, including condominiums and large multi-family homes, as well as renovations that impact more than 75% of a home's footprint.

For more information, see the FAQs from Municipal Affairs or contact them at


 Garage Template
 Building a detached residential garage
 Deck Template
 Gas, propane and electric range clearances
 Private swimming pools, hot tubs and spas
 Solid fuel-burning appliances (fireplaces)

Permit Applications

Building Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application
Gas Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Permit Fee Schedule 
Credit Card Authorization - contractor
Credit Card Authorization - owner


The Building Stats and Permit Listing spreadsheet is updated monthly. Please call the Town Office if you require anything else.
Contact Park Enterprises with any concerns or questions.