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Naming Roads & Public Places

  1. We’re looking for resident’s input! The Town is compiling a list for naming roads and public places for future use. Public places would include things like parks, municipal facilities or recreation areas, for example. 

    Do you have great ideas? Here’s what we’re looking for:

    1. Names of individuals or groups should meeting at least one of the following criteria:
      • A person or group of historical significance;
      • A person or group that has made a significant contribution of service or volunteerism to the Town and community;
      • A person or group that has brought honour to the Town through extraordinary achievement, celebrity or bravery;
      • A person or group that has made a significant material or financial contribution towards the Town with the express purpose of benefitting the residents of the Town.
    2. Names other than that of a person or group must meet at least one of the following criteria;
      • Historic events of significance to the Town;
      • Flora and fauna indigenous to the Town and surrounding area;
      • Geographical and/or topographical features of the local area.
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