Will you still get emergency notifications if you don't sign up?
No, you will only receive emergency alerts from the Safe Communities Alert Network if you sign up.

In an emergency, Town of Black Diamond authorities will do whatever they can to protect lives, such as going door-to-door, alerting the media, etc. But in most situations, the Safe Communities Alert Network is the fastest, most direct, and easiest way for you to get critical information. Plus, it’s official information – none of the rumours or misinformation you often get from social media and word-of-mouth reports.

In the event of a local disaster, Black Diamond residents will also be notified through the Alberta Emergency Alert system. In addition, information will be available through any/all of the following channels:
Black Diamond website (News, homepage)
• local radio stations
• local sign boards
• door-to-door visits by emergency personnel (if necessary)Alberta Emergency Alerts

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6. Will you still get emergency notifications if you don't sign up?
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