Why is it important for you to provide an address?
The Safe Communities Alert Network is a sophisticated system that allows us to use targeted mapping and address locations to notify a specific group of residents. Alerts can be sent out according to the geographic area affected. Entering your important addresses, like your home address, allows us to notify you if there is an urgent situation in the immediate vicinity of that address. You can enter up to five addresses into the alert system. Addresses can include your workplace, children’s school, daycare, home address, etc. Please note the system will issue only Black Diamond-area specific alerts. i.e. if your work address is located in Calgary we will not issue alerts for that address.

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1. How does the Safe Communities Alert Network work?
2. When will the Alert System be used?
3. How will you receive the alerts?
4. Will signing up help first responders?
5. Why is it important for you to provide an address?
6. Will you still get emergency notifications if you don't sign up?
7. What is the difference between Alberta Emergency Alert and the Safe Communities Alert Network?
8. What if your phone number or email address changes?
9. Why can't you register as a family?
10. What is the additional information for?
11. Will your contact information be shared with others?
12. Who can you contact if you have questions?