When will the Alert System be used?
The Safe Communities Alert Network will be used to notify you about emergent, significant and time-sensitive emergency events affecting the Town of Black Diamond. System administrators will send notifications regarding:
• Critical Alerts (immediate life threatening danger)
• Information Bulletins (extraordinary situations to be aware of and prepare for)
• Volunteer Requests (opportunities to assist with disaster relief)

Alert messages can also be sent to you about incidents happening near your home, work, school, or other address locations you choose in your settings.

We’ll send out test messages three (3) times each year to be sure everything is working, and to remind you to keep your contact information up-to-date.

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1. How does the Safe Communities Alert Network work?
2. When will the Alert System be used?
3. How will you receive the alerts?
4. Will signing up help first responders?
5. Why is it important for you to provide an address?
6. Will you still get emergency notifications if you don't sign up?
7. What is the difference between Alberta Emergency Alert and the Safe Communities Alert Network?
8. What if your phone number or email address changes?
9. Why can't you register as a family?
10. What is the additional information for?
11. Will your contact information be shared with others?
12. Who can you contact if you have questions?