Candidate Information

Election Day 2021 is October 18, 2021

Nomination Period

New for 2021, this period starts January 1, 2021 (as offices are closed on the holiday, nomination papers may be submitted starting January 4, 2021, during regular office hours).   The Nomination Period remains open until 12 noon on Nomination Day, Monday, September 20, 2021.


Due to the current pandemic, and to ensure the Returning Officer (or an authorized delegate) is available to accept nomination papers, potential candidates are encouraged to call and make an appointment prior to stopping by the Town office (403-933-4348).

The Town will post weekly website updates (if applicable) to keep the list of candidates as current as possible.  Any candidates who file their nomination papers before Noon on Fridays will be included in the weekly updates.

Proposed Amalgamation

Amalgamation negotiations continue through the Joint Friendship Agreement Committee meetings.  Candidates can stay informed by following the Town's Proposed Amalgamation information, which is updated regularly.

Candidates for this election should know that they may be running for a shortened term of office.  The proposed date of amalgamation is January 1, 2023.  However, this date could be changed by the Minister of Municipal Affairs when issuing an Order to Amalgamate.

Information Packages for Potential Candidates

Nomination Information packages are available to download.  They will assist potential candidates to better understand the position of an elected official, including the expected duties, time commitments, pay and benefits available, etc.  If you have questions before the information packages are available, please email the Returning Officer or call the Town Office (403-933-4348).

Forms required are included in the Information Package or they can be downloaded from Municipal Affairs, Municipal Election Forms webpage, or you can pick up a set from the Town Office.  Municipal Affairs also provides some other excellent help for potential candidates:

People interested in running for office, or who have already filed nomination papers should check this website regularly for updates, new information and any changes, particularly in this pandemic year of operational change.

Changes to Candidate's Campaign-Financial Reporting

For the upcoming 2021 Municipal election, the Local Authorities Election Act has been amended.  The Act requires that "no person shall accept a contribution or incur a campaign expense unless the person has been nominated as a candidate."  

All candidates must file campaign disclosure statements.  Candidates may be required to open a bank account, as specified by the Act.  Requirements set out in this Part of the Act are the sole responsibility of each candidate.

Anyone considering running for office should be sure to be aware of the new rules for campaign funding, banking and disclosure.  These can be found in Part 5.1 of the Local Authorities Election Act, section 147.1 through 147.96, inclusive.