COVID-19 Information


The Town encourages everyone to be appropriately informed with the most current information about the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Please visit the links below to ensure that you are using the correct and up-to-date information when making decisions for you and your family, to find out what to do if you suspect that you’ve been exposed or that you have contracted the virus and to stay informed about Alberta’s Economic Relaunch Strategy.

Stronger Public Health Measures 

A Path Forward is a roadmap to help Albertans understand how restrictions will be eased in steps over the coming months.  It outlines the sectors that will see gradual restriction changes at each step, based on hospitalization benchmarks. 

Step 2 changes came into effect March 1.  All other restrictions remain in effect.

Alberta Biz Connect

Workplace guidance and supports to help businesses and non-profits affected by COVID-19 begin to reopen and resume operations safely.

Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy 

A safely staged COVID-19 recovery plan to relaunch our economy. Stage 2 started June 12.

Not sure how to calculate your reduced capacity during the changes?  Reduced Capacity and Occupant Loads due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Alberta Health Services 

How the virus spreads, how to prevent spread, what to do if you’ve been travelling or if you’ve been exposed, and how to recognize symptoms.

Province of Alberta  

General information about the virus, testing protocols and updates from the Chief Medical Officer and the self-assessment tool COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool.

Government of Canada Travel Advisories

Have a trip planned?  What to do while abroad and what to do upon your return.

World Health Organization

Daily updates on the worldwide status of the COVID-19 virus.

Local Assistance

If you are self-isolating or if you’ve been placed in quarantine and you require groceries or medications, please check with family and friends to see if they are able to assist.  If not, our local grocery and both pharmacies all normally provide delivery services. and are planning to continue to do so for as long as they are able to safely do so.  Please contact them directly (see below) to discuss placing an order.  If you are requesting delivery services, please be sure to let them know if you are displaying symptoms or if someone in your house has tested positive for COVID-19, so that they can take the appropriate measures to keep their staff safe and remain able to continue providing these valuable services to our community and those in need of assistance.


Country Food Mart (AG Foods) (403) 933-4112


Black Diamond Pharmasave (403) 933-7979    Website 
Sandstone Pharmacies Black Diamond (403) 933-4818    Website 

Pet Supplies

Chinook Windz (403) 933-3344     Website