The Town of Black Diamond has initiated annexation discussions with the MD of Foothills. The Town is seeking to annex approximately 4 quarter sections, which will provide sufficient land for the long term growth of the Town. Annexation is the act of transferring land from one municipality into another municipality. The Town is not taking ownership of the land; it is just a change of jurisdiction.

PROPOSED ANNEXATION AREA: A map of the annexation area may be viewed here...[more]

ANNEXATION PROCESS: Annexation within Alberta is a provincially legislated process where a municipality changes or expands its jurisdictional boundaries…[more]

PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT: Legislation requires municipalities to consult with affected landowners, stakeholders, agencies, residents and the general public when considering annexation….[more]

RATIONALE FOR ANNEXATION AND GROWTH: The Town is running short of vacant developable land for both residential and business development. In order to improve its long-term sustainability…[more]

PROJECTED POPULATION GROWTH AND LAND REQUIREMENTS: The amount of land required for future growth is a function of anticipated population growth, density of development, and length of time being considered…[more]


FAQ’S FOR LANDOWNERS IN THE ANNEXATION AREA: A series of answers to frequently asked questions concerning the effect of annexation on landowners in the annexation area…[more]

PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE: A Public Open House was held on October 15 at the Black Diamond Town Office.