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South Saskatchewan Regional Plan

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) establishes a long-term vision for the South Saskatchewan Region and includes strategies for responsible energy development, sustainable farming and ranching, recreation, forest management, and nature-based tourism.  Local plans and policies must be in alignment with the SSRP. 

Intermunicipal Development Plan 2002

Municipal District of Foothills / Town of Black Diamond / Town of Turner Valley Intermunicipal Development Plan is a long-range planning document that identifies our relationship with our municipal neighbours, and the nature of coordination and communication between the municipalities on matters of mutual interest.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary long-range planning document that establishes a holistic vision for the Town that guides overall growth and development for the Town.

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw is a planning tool that regulates development within the Town and implements the principles and policies of the Black Diamond Municipal Development Plan. It divides the Town into districts that direct where residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development may occur and how it may be developed. Every home or business owner is impacted by the Land Use Bylaw. Whether you are trying to determine how high your fence can be or if they can build a shopping centre next door, the Land Use Bylaw is the place to look.   The Land Use Bylaw is adopted by Council and can only be amended by Council, following public input.

Historic Downtown Development Standards - 2014

Provides detailed specifications for design and construction for development along the primary routes thru Town with the intent of ensuring new development enhances the historic character of the Town’s main streets, and is referenced in the LUB.

Black Diamond – Turner Valley Flood Risk Mapping Study

The study identifies lands that are at risk of flooding in the event of a 1 in 100 year flood of the Sheep River, and is referenced in the LUB.

Area Structure Plans

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is prepared when an undeveloped area is identified for development within the Town. Using the Municipal Development Plan as a reference, ASPs provide a framework to guide decisions on land use, subdivision, development, and servicing.

Willow Ridge Area Structure Plan 1999 - The Willow Ridge ASP includes the neighbourhoods of Willow Ridge, Riverwood and Ridgestone.

Kaiser Area Structure Plan 2017 The Kaiser ASP applies to an area in the SE quadrant of Town and outlines the development of a residential community providing a range of housing types.

Trails and Pathways Master Plan 2006

The guidelines and standards outlined in this Trails and Pathways Master Plan provide recommendations for future pathway development and accommodate anticipated expansion of a trail and pathway system within the Town of Black Diamond.  The Master Plan incorporates information from existing plans, guidelines and studies provided by the Town. It establishes a set of principles to guide trail and pathway development with current and future development.

Climate Resilience Action Plan

The Action Plan identifies a number of anticipatory measures to manage priority risks and opportunities anticipated to result from climate change in the area over the next several decades.

Assigning of Civic Addressing

Assigning municipal addresses to parcels and buildings within the Town provides location identification for the provision of essential services, including emergency services, public utilities, delivery services and provides a basic convenience function for the public. Policy DEV-032 and Procedure DEV-032 provide direction on assigning address numbers to registered parcels of land and structures in an orderly and logical manner to provide for property identification.

Naming Roads and Public Places

The Naming Roads and Public Places Policy and Procedures provide direction on the naming of roads, parks, buildings, facilities, neighbourhoods, Area Structure Plans or outline plans.

Cash-in-lieu of Parking

In the event that development occurs on constrained sites where parking requirements cannot be met on-site, applicants are given the option to pay the Town for the remaining required number of parking stalls. Funds collected through the Policy go toward parking and pedestrian improvements within the Town.

Growth Studies

The Town has prepared several growth studies over the years. These high-level studies outline land use concepts and discuss servicing and transportation issues related to the growth of the Town. They provide information that may be used in reviewing statutory plans (MDP, IDP, ASPs); in the preparation of infrastructure strategies (such as transportation studies or servicing studies), and in discussions with neighbouring municipalities.

Turner Valley Black Diamond Joint Growth Strategy 2018

Joint Growth Strategy & Appendices

The Turner Valley and Black Diamond Joint Growth Strategy (JGS) is a high-level land use, servicing, and transportation strategy that was jointly developed by the Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley. The JGS projects growth over a 60-year time-frame. 

The Transportation Study considers future development within 10, 20 and 30 year horizons and the impact on the highway network identifying necessary upgrades to the highway and to intersections along Highway 7 and Highway 22 within the town limits.

Safety Codes

Safety Codes Council – Codes and Permits

The Alberta Safety Codes Council provides information on permits and installation requirements to conform to the safety standards that have been adopted under the Safety Codes Act.

Fire Apparatus Turning Radius

The Pierce Turning Performance Analysis provides the Curb to Curb turning radius calculated for 9.00 inch curb with the ladder truck, being the apparatus with the widest turning radius. This calculation is intended for use in developments where emergency service access is a consideration.

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