Draft Bylaws

Bylaws listed here are being considered by Council.  They have had First Reading, and may also have had Second Reading. 

Check the Published Council Agendas to see when the Bylaw will be coming before Council for further Readings.

  • Bylaw 18-01 Water and Sewer Utility Bylaw  This draft bylaw, as linked here, was presented to Council for 2nd Reading at the March 27, 2018 Council meeting.  At that meeting Council made several resolutions that will/may change the bylaw further before it is passed.  Thosee resolutions are:
    • Moved by Deputy Mayor Brian Marconi that Council agree to amend draft Bylaw 18-01, Schedule A, as presented for
      first reading, by amending the flat water rate for 20mm meters to $43.00 and the flat sewer rate for 20mm meters
      to $86.00.   UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED   Res. 2018-123
    • Moved by Councillor Sharon Hart that Council agree to give Bylaw 18-01 second reading.   UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED   Res. 2018-124
    • Moved by Councillor Ted Bain that Council agree to request that administration review and report on or amend
      bylaw 18-01 as presented for second reading by:
      • replacing the definition of "owner" with the Municipal Government Act definition of "owner",
      • providing a definition of “alternate supply”, addressing any concerns of cross contamination,
      • reporting on or amending the list of prohibited items in section 68, and
      • correcting various typographical concerns as noted by Council.
        UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED   Res. 2018-125

Bylaw 18-01 will be returned to Council, with the above noted amendments and information at the April 18, 2018 Regular meeting of Council.  That Agenda will be published on April 13, 2018.

** There have been a couple of requests for the information presented to Council at the February 27, 2018 meeting of Council, where Bylaw 18-01 was given First Reading.  The PowerPoint presentation offered by Urban Systems is available here, for those who wish to review that information.