Economic Development Event Fund


What is Black Diamond’s Economic Development Event Fund (EDEF)?

Black Diamond Economic Development offers funding to businesses, community groups, organizations, or individuals staging an event or activity that will encourage positive economic activity in our community.

The purpose of this grant is to:

  • Enhance awareness of Black Diamond and encourage visitation;
  • Draw tourism revenue for local businesses;
  • Showcase to visitors the quality of life and small-town charm in Black Diamond;
  • Reinforce health, culture, arts, and amenities within the Black Diamond area;
  • Promote our area as a destination location and a place to live, work, and invest in;
  • Increase Black Diamond brand awareness

This grant seeks to achieve these goals by supporting activities, events, and festivals which:

  1. Show strong potential to contribute to Black Diamond’s culture (as described above);
  2. Encourage community participation, volunteerism, and involvement in planning and implementing such events;
  3. Assist event organizers in attracting visitors from a minimum distance of over 20 kms away from town.

The funding is allocated via the enclosed grant application process that is managed by the Town’s Economic Development Department.

Who may apply?

Applications may be submitted by local organizations, businesses, groups, or individuals. Individuals submitting an application may be requested to provide extra detail.

For more details or to apply for funding, fill out the Application for Funding (EDEF).

Once your event is completed, you will need to turn in a Post Event Report (EDEF)

Other Funding Sources

Crescent Point Community Foundation Application for Funding

Funding is available to local groups based in communities where Crescent Point operates. Funds are available for projects that support child and youth education, health and well-being, sport and recreation, and environmental protection.

Applicant groups must be a registered charity capable of issuing tax receipts and be able to demonstrate financial and administrative accountability related to funding received from Crescent Point. Applications must be submitted at least two months prior to the event and are reviewed monthly.

Crescent Point Community Foundation Funding Application - Fillable