2021 Nominations and Withdrawals (to date)

Candidates may begin to file their Nomination Forms on January 1, 2021.  Nomination Day is Monday, September 20, 2021 and nominations close on that day at 12 Noon.  For more information on becoming a Candidate, please visit the Information for Candidates page.

Persons who have filed their nomination forms must agree to have their names posted here, and they may decline to do so, until 48 hours after nominations are final.  As a result, this list may not be comprehensive of all candidates until that time.  The Town will update this list at least weekly.  48 hours after nominations are closed, the Town is required by the Local Authorities Election Act to post on our website all those persons running for office.

Candidates are required to file their nomination papers prior to making any campaign expenditures or accepting any campaign donations.

 Persons Filing
Nomination Papers
 Running For
 * No candidates have
filed papers to date

Candidates who file nomination papers and subsequently wish to withdraw (prior to close of Nominations) may do so, by submitting their withdrawal, in writing, to the Returning Officer.

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