Water Conservation Level II at this time


Water Conservation Bylaw 14-14 with the permitted watering schedule attached.

Conservation Tips

100 Ways To Conserve Water
Be Wise With Water
Potential Causes of High Water Bills
Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program

Rain barrels and rain totes are available at the Oilfields Recycling Centre in Turner Valley.
Potable Water
Public Works utility operators monitor the Town's potable water to ensure their treatment and distribution processes are continuing to provide safe drinking water for the Town's residents.  

Testing of the water in the Black Diamond system happens regularly, with larger-scale testing occurring twice each year.  Part of the results of those tests provide us with the "hardness level" of our water, which residents with water-softeners need to know.  The most recent test results were from March 2016, and the hardness level was 270 mg/L or 18.9 ppm.

Drinking Water
Alberta Environment and Public Works monitor the Town's drinking water quality against approved water quality guidelines to ensure compliance while delivering safe drinking water and optimization of facility performances.