Supports for Seniors

Seniors Programs & Services Information Guide

The Senior Programs and Service Information Guide (PDF) is a comprehensive source of information about the programs, benefits and services available to seniors in Alberta.

Mature Worker Program

McBride Career Group offers a flexible, no-cost program to help those aged 50+ with workplace skills, job searching, resume preparation, self-employment, interviewing techniques and much more. Call 403-995-4377 (Okotoks) or 403-601-2660 (High River). View the McBride Career Group Assistance Flyer (PDF).

The W.H.E.N. (Wellness, Health, Energy & Nutrition) Program

This program offers exercise and fitness, learning and assistance, and fulfilling social interaction for all seniors. The Griffith Center and the Valley Neighbors Club facilitate the program with exercise classes to help improve balance, increase strength and maintain independence. Assistance in the form of self-help kits and other resources about guardianship as well as help with Guaranteed Income Supplement forms can also be accessed. Participants range in age from 65 to 82!

Seniors, Become Hall Walkers!

Operation hours are Monday to Friday, from  9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Oilfields High School.
Stay warm! Stay dry! Stay active! Stay well! Walk away from illness! Questions? Call 403-938-4973

Town-subsidized Taxi Service for Seniors & Persons With Mobility Issues

Subsidized taxi service is available to residents of Black Diamond and Turner Valley. This service is meant to provide affordable transportation to those in the communities who need a helping hand from time to time.

Who Can Receive This Service?

  • Senior residents (60 years and over); and/or
  • Residents with disabilities; and/or
  • Special needs or circumstances as approved by the municipalities; and
  • Have no other means of transportation.
For information on fare subsidies and eligible trips, please read about the Subsidized Taxi Program Information Sheet(PDF).


Applicants must be preapproved in order to receive a valid Community Access Program Identification Card and to use the service. You can get your Application Form (PDF), fill it out and return it to the Town Office, or call the Town Office at 403-933-4348 for more information.

Book a Trip

Once you have been approved and received your taxi cards you can book your trips directly through Diamond Valley Taxi (Don Lien) at 403-650-2175 or Angels Taxi (Judy Garries) at 403-512-8773.

Accommodations for Seniors

View a list of lodges to accommodate our senior citizens.